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What Our Clients & Partners Say...

What Our Clients Are Saying

“I’d like to take the time to write about my experience with Ensource Financial. The entire process was smooth, quick and very satisfying. Mark took all of the time I needed to answer all of my questions about the process, to ensure my comfortability. All necessary documents were provided in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Ensource Financial to anyone seeking a loan. I closed on the house without any hitches or unexpected surprises. An A-1 company in my book.”
-Kari L.

“I was not looking forward to walking into my bank to ask for a mortgage loan or worse yet, having them or anyone come to my house. I was able to do everything easily online and got a great deal. 5 stars guys!!!”
Dennis C.

“Earlier this year I purchased a property and asked my Realtor if she could provide a Lender. Well after about a week of constant calls and emails I finally received a quote, by this time I was completely frustrated and had decided to contact Mark. He sent me a quote within the hour. As I compared the two quotes it became obvious that Mark’s quote  by far had less fee’s  and the icing on the cake was the interest rate was almost 1% less than the other quote. I was able to close in the time frame that he had originally committed to, and I saved some serious money. Thanks Guys!”
-Alberto Z.

“Ever since I started my professional experience, my main goal has been to purchase a home to raise a family. After many searches and many visits I finally found THE ONE. Based on extensive research on mortgage brokers in Florida, I found Mr. Mark Cruz was the best in the business and had the market knowledge I desperately needed to make my home purchase a smooth one. Mark’s knowledge about the process is second to none and his availability and patience with answering all my questions is exactly what I needed to be extremely comfortable with making such a huge investment.  Mark’s dominance of the mortgage process and his in-detail explanations was the key to be able to purchase my new home in less than 30 days. Mark explained the process step by step and summarized the reasons by which we needed to fill out so much paperwork and most importantly the correct forms to take advantage of time knowing that we had a short deadline. In conclusion, throughout my career working for the FBI I learned to live by the FBI creed… Fidelity, Bravery and Integrity. I’m glad I found a company that holds similar values to mine.”
-Jose C.

“This was not your typical mortgage application. Murphy’s Law was in full effect and everything that could possibly go wrong did while applying for my mortgage. The IRS refused to verify my taxes due to recent fraudulent activity & the appraisal came in way below the contract sales price. We were on the verge of not only losing our dream home but our deposit of $15,000 was on the chopping block! All seemed lost… Then, all our prayers were answered! Thank you for always responding to the million phone calls & emails that it took to get all parties on the same page. Your professionalism, experience & drive saved our home and hard earned cash! We’re forever grateful to you & the realtor who referred us to you, we don’t think anyone else could’ve pulled this off!”
-The Guarzino Family

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