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Ensource FAQ

How is Ensource Financial Different?

Getting a mortgage with Ensource Financial is a little different than what you’re used to.

We have streamlined the entire application process so it’s easy and transparent.


You Apply, Review & Sign, Lock, and submit all your documents on your favorite device.

Then choose your favorite method of communication; Text, Email or Phone call, and we’ll keep you informed with “Real Time” Status updates along the way. You will always know exactly what stage your loan is in. We are currently licensed throughout the state of Florida and looking to expand to other states soon.


How does Ensource make money? How much does it cost to use Ensource?

We’re a lender-paid mortgage originator. That means that we get paid directly by the lender.  We do not charge “Junk Fee’s” like Application, Processing, etc…

You’ll be issued a Loan Estimate within three business days of completing your loan application. This document, which is required by law from every lender, tells you what closing fees you can expect when you close your loan.


Who is a good client for Ensource Financial?

Anyone who is prefers a simple cost effective approach is a good candidate for a home mortgage with Ensource Financial. If you’re comfortable checking your bank balance & ordering anything online you’re “Savvy” enough to get a loan through us. We are not for everyone, only those who prefer saving time, money & headaches by doing things online.


How Do I Get Pre-Approved for a Mortgage with Ensource Financial?

The Pre-Approval Process is easy at Ensource Financial.

Go online & fill out a Pre-Qualification to have an idea of Rates & Fees. Once this is complete, you will receive a copy of your mortgage quote & one of our team members will be in contact with you with a list of items needed to move forward with your loan including running your credit & automated approval from Fannie/FHA.

Pre-Approval is good for 90 days as long as your financial situation stays the same and you’re not under any obligation.


How do I know that my personal and financial information is safe?

One of the benefits of getting your loan with Ensource Financial, an online mortgage broker, is that your private information is treated with Bank Level security and encryption every step of the process. We only share data necessary to evaluate & approve your mortgage application.


How does Ensource close loans in fewer than 30 days?

Our internal technology combined with over 4o years of experience helps our mortgage team process your loan faster and with fewer errors. We let you know upfront what can be done to make the process quick & painless.  We’ve also streamlined the typical mortgage application & processing so that your loan can move through the approval and closing process as smoothly as possible.

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